Architecture Student in London
  1. subtilitas:

    Glenn Howells - Moat house, Dorsington 2003 (click for big). 

  2. humanscalecities:

    Engaging communities in public spaces  

    Notes and presentation of today´s talk at #bidsantander2014

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  6. ryanpanos:

    Terrazario | PKMN | Via 

    Terrazario is the outdoor extension for Mercado de San Anton, a recently renewed market in Madrid City Center. The project is based on the combination of three concepts of what public spaces are in our cities: the square, the market, the terrace and their hybridation with a standard scaffolding system.

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  8. subtilitas:

    Pascal Flammer - House in Balsthal, 2011 (prev) .  Via, photos (C) Ioana Marinescu.

  9. subtilitas:

    Smiljan Radic - Habitación, Chiloé Island, 1992 (prev). Via, 2, photos (C) Gonzalo Puga. 

  10. ryanpanos:

    CASA | Yannick Martin

    What if the houses done by some of the most famous architects would have been think inside a cube?

    The idea was to deform and stretch the houses made by the most known architects, to put them inside a cub, and then to reveal what make them so singular, starting by the choice they made concerning the proportion of their houses, but also all the decisions they took to make these house so unique and famous.